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Nikos Yorgos Papoutsidis lives and works in Athens. He was a certificated mermber of the British Environmental Architects and Designers Association, whose 'Minerva' prize had been awarded to him.
He is the inventor of the 'Siderographima' (Irongraph), a kind of art in which painting and sculpture form a unified work on metal plating.
He has designed letter fonts and compositions with words, and is an author of Visual Poetry.
He created the Poem-Object, a kind of art in which image and word complement each other.
He has produced medals, prizes, jewellery, record covers, posters and open-air banners.
He has done work for the Athens Concert Hall and the “E. Venizelos“ Athens International Airport.
He has periodically published short stories and articles in magazines and newspapers.
Sculpted works of him can be found in the Athens Town Hall, the Municipality of Athens Cultural Centre, the 'Melina' Cultural Centre, the KAT Hospital in Kifissia, the Macedonia Pallas in Thessaloniki, and in private collections in Greece and abroad.
Permanent open-air sculptures by the artist can be found at the Technopolis-Gazi in Athens, at a square in the Municipality of Kifissia (a northern suburb of Athens), on the Heroes' Monument of the Municipality of Palio Faliro (a southern suburb of Athens), at Ipokratio General Hospital of Athens and in various spots inside the city of Rhodes.

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